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Chad Loseby

Pragmatically improving health & human services processes and technologies by focusing on the customer and provider experience.

contact: loseby [at] gmail [dot] com


Chad resides just outside Olympia, Washington, USA, working by day to improve the customer processes and technologies that get health & human services benefits to over 2 million Washingtonians. By weekend, you'll find him out camping and exploring the great Pacific Northwest.

Chad moved to the west coast from his lifelong home of New England, where he grew up in the shadow of Killington and got his bachelor's degree from Vermont Tech. He misses all of the great people and places in Vermont, but he does not miss dealing with snow on a daily basis all winter.

After college, Chad unintentionally started a career following the Affordable Care Act. He began with implementing electronic health record infrastructure at UMass Memorial and other large healthcare groups, was a business analyst and IT architect through the first years of the Vermont Health Connect health insurance marketplace, and most recently was the lead enterprise architect for the Vermont Agency of Human Services.

Professionally, Chad is passionate about using modern technologies and methods to improve the barriers to people receiving health & human services benefits. While technology is involved, this is often as much about transforming processes and thinking in multiple parts of government. The intersection of tech, process, and policy is a journey Chad enjoys walking through with his stakeholders and teams.

Personally, Chad also likes to find ways to give back, when he is not fulfilling his need for the outdoors. He has previously served as Treasurer and sat on the Board of Directors of two nonprofits, one supporting LGBTQ+ youth and the other being Vermont's first hacker/makerspace.